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Using a vape alongside stop smoking behavioural support is the most effective way to quit for good.

Vapes are far less harmful than cigarettes.

We provide a free vape starter kit to support your quit. However vapes are age restricted products so we can only provide them to clients aged over 18.

If you think that you may wish to use a vape with us then please be prepared to provide proof of your age during your first consultation with an advisor. You will be asked to do this by emailing a photo of your ID to our secure inbox.

What is a vape?

A vape is a device that lets you inhale nicotine without most of the harmful effects of smoking. They are also sometimes known as e-cigarettes.

Vapes do not contain tobacco, tar or carbon monoxide so they are less harmful than cigarettes.

Are vapes safe?

Vapes are not risk free but the e-liquid in vapes is significantly less harmful than cigarettes.

Tobacco smoke contains thousands of harmful chemicals which increase your risk of certain types of cancers and other smoking related diseases such as heart disease.

Switchin to vaping can reduce this risk while also reducing other people's exposure to second-hand tobacco smoke.

How do they work?

Vapes work by heating up and creating a vapour from a solution that typically contains:

  • Nicotine
  • a liquid called propylene glycol and / or glycerine
  • flavourings

As there is no burning involved, there is no smoke.

Are vapes safer than cigarettes?

Vapes are not risk free but are substantially less harmful than cigarettes

Vapes do not produce tar or carbon monoxide which are two of the most harmful elements in tobacco smoke.

Switching to vaping can reduce this risk while also reducing other people's exposure to second-hand tobacco smoke.

Vapes are not recommended for non-smokers and cannot be sold to people under 18 years old.

Are the chemicals used in vapes safe for my lungs?

You might have heard the term ‘popcorn lung’ when vapes are talked about.

Some e-liquid flavourings, used to provide a buttery flavour, contain the chemical diacetyl

At very high levels of exposure, this chemical can cause a serious lung disease called bronchiolitis obliterans.

However, diacetyl is banned as an ingredient from vapes and e-liquids in the UK.

Popcorn lung gained its name because it was first seen in workers in a popcorn factory.

Are vapes safe for people around me?

There's no evidence so far that vaping causes harm to other people.

This is in contrast to passive smoking (second-hand smoke), which is known to be very harmful to health.

Are vapes safe to use in pregnancy?

If you are pregnant, then licensed NRT products such as patches and gum are the recommended option to help you to stop smoking.

But if you are finding using a vape helpful for quitting and staying smoke-free, it's much safer for you and your baby than continuing to smoke.

How effective are vapes at helping you to quit smoking?

A major clinical trial that ran in 2019 found that in local stop smoking services, a standard vape was twice as effective at helping smokers to quit compared with nicotine replacement ttherapy (NRT).

Supporting you to stop smoking

The best way to stop smoking is with the support of a qualified stop smoking advisor who can advise you on, and supply you with, the most appropriate stop smoking medication and / or quitting aid.

If you would like more information on stopping smoking then contact the Live Life Better team tel: 0800 0852299 or tel: 01629 538200.

NHS Smokefree

There's lots of advice and information about vapes on the NHS website.