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Our friendly stop smoking advisors have years of experience in helping people to quit and during that time they’ve collected lots of top tips to help you stop smoking for good.


We've collected together a few simple ideas for you to try if the urge to light up strikes:

  1. ask for our help - you're four times more likely to quit with professional support than trying to go it alone
  2. make a plan to quit -set a quit date and stick to it and plan ahead for any situations that might trigger the urge to smoke
  3. throw away your cigarettes - don't have any lying around just in case - you don't need them anymore
  4. cravings will pass quickly - they'll be gone in five minutes so hang in there.
  5. brush your teeth - it will make smoking taste terrible
  6. distract yourself and keep your hands busy when the urge to smoke strikes - try crosswords, Sudoku, or a walk around the block
  7. drink fruit juice - another good trick to make smoking taste unpleasant
  8. have healthy nibbles close by - chew on a carrot stick or other healthy snack instead of smoking
  9. make a list of the reasons you have to quit - keep it to hand and use it as motivation.
  10. get moving - walk around the block, go for a jog - even 5 minutes of exercise can help cut cravings
  11. think positive - even if you've tried to quit before and not managed it, try try again.
  12. put the money you would have spent on smoking in a clear glass jar and watch it grow
  13. plan non-smoking treats - a bubble bath, a box set or other little rewards

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