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When you smoke it damages your immune system, reducing your body’s defence against infections, such as coronavirus (COVID-19).

Smokers are therefore at greater risk of:

  • getting serious respiratory infections
  • infections lasting longer and being more serious than a non-smoker

It's never too later to quit smoking, your body starts to repair from the moment you stop smoking.

Live Life Better Derbyshire offers a free, 12 week stop smoking service that includes:

  • telephone and digital support
  • free nicotine replacement therapy sent in the post and access to stop smoking prescription medications
  • advice, top tips and printed resources
  • A friendly, supportive Facebook community group

To find out more call Live Life Better Derbyshire tel: 0800 085 2299 or 01629 538200.

Find out about health benefits of stopping smoking, and of course the money you can save.

Quitting smoking is the best thing you and your partner can do for your baby. Visit our smoking in pregnancy page dedicated to helping pregnant mums to quit.

There are lots of other tools, support and help on offer too. Visit our useful tools page to find out more.

I want to quit - what's next?

Did you know you are four times more likely to quit smoking with the help of your local stop smoking service?

At Live Life Better Derbyshire we provide support, help and advice to help you make a successful quit attempt.

We know quitting isn't easy but our friendly stop smoking advisors will support you with tips, information and advice on the range of stop smoking medications available to you.

Live Life Better Derbyshire provides support to smokers aged 12 and over living in Derbyshire.

What we offer:

  • telephone support sessions
  • one-to-one support
  • access to free nicotine replacement therapy including patches, mouth spray, gum, inhalators and lozenges
  • access to Champix stop smoking medication on prescription
  • advice on stop smoking medications
  • useful tools to help you quit

Who can take part?

To take part in our free stop smoking programme you must:

  • be over 12 years old and live in Derbyshire (excluding Derby)
  • want to stop smoking completely
  • be willing to meet with your stop smoking adviser at agreed dates and times

How do I join?

If you're interested in taking part in Live Life Better’s stop smoking programme you can call Live Life Better Derbyshire on Freephone 0800 0852299.

Stop smoking medications

Nicotine is extremely addictive and that’s the main reason that people struggle to stop smoking.

Your Live Life Better Derbyshire advisor will talk about stop smoking medications and help you chose the right product for you.

We offer two different types of stop smoking medication - nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) and Varenicline, also known as Champix. More information is attached to this page.

NRT is a medication that gives you with a small amount of nicotine but without the tar, carbon monoxide and other chemicals found in tobacco smoke.

It can help reduce the side effects of stopping smoking, such as bad moods and cravings, which can happen when you stop smoking.

NRT is available in a range of forms including patches, gum, inhalator and mouth spray.

Varenicline, brand name Champix, is a medication that works in two ways.

It reduces cravings for nicotine like NRT, but it also blocks the rewarding and reinforcing effects of smoking.

It is a prescription only medication and your doctor will need to assess your suitability to use it.

Your stop smoking advisor will discuss with you which product will be best to help you to quit smoking.


Currently there are no e-cigarettes available on prescription and as such Live Life Better Derbyshire does not currently offer clients e-cigarettes.

Advisors are only able to discuss licensed medications. However, if you want to use an e-cigarette we can still offer you support to set a quit date and help you to stop.

More information is available at NHS Smokefree.


Staying safe online

While our face to face services are not currently running there are lots of courses, sessions and organisations offering advice and help online.

But be sure to take care when clicking on any links or websites and ensure you stay safe and scam free.

Visit Get Safe Online for up to date help and information.

Free downloads and resources

We've lots of useful help and advice to help you to a healthier future. Download resources here.