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Getting active is one of the best ways that you can improve your overall health and wellbeing.

Physical activity is not just about structured exercise classes and working up a sweat in the gym though.

It’s the everyday activities such as housework, walking to work, gardening and dancing to the radio in your kitchen.

Different things work for different people so it’s important to find something that fits into your routine but is also realistic and manageable for you.

This might be exercise classes, going for a swim or getting on your bike. Alternatively, it might be something simple like going for a weekend walk or getting off the bus one stop earlier.

There’s lot of evidence that shows the benefits of physical activity in terms of both treating and preventing diseases. Find out more about the preventative benefits of exercise.

There's lot's of ways to get active in Derbyshire and we've pulled together lots of information below.

Derbyshire leisure and sports centres

There's lots of activities, classes and exercise opportunities for you at your local sports centres.

Below we have listed the eight district and borough councils so that you can search for activities close to you.

Exercise by Referral

Exercise by Referral is a comprehensive, 12 week programme of exercise supported by qualified exercise referral staff that's carried out at local leisure centres.

The service aims to increase exercise and activity for people wanting to improve their health. It's particularly aimed at people who currently do little or no physical activity but are motivated to do more.

In order to take part in the scheme people must be referred by a GP or other qualified health professional and must meet the following criteria.

You are eligible for the Exercise by Referral scheme if you are:

  • aged 19 or over
  • a Derbyshire resident or registered with a Derbyshire GP
  • inactive, for example doing less than 150 minutes of moderate exercise each week
  • have not been previously referred into the programme

Anyone who is referred but does not meet the criteria will not be accepted onto the scheme.

However, you can access alternative support through our Live Life Better Derbyshire programme and leisure providers but these may not be free of charge.

COVID-19 update

We are currently working with everyone who delivers Exercise by Referral to start a phased return of the programme.

This will be done on a district by district basis.

Customers who were already on the programme, or registered prior to lockdown, will be contacted to resume or start the programme.

Please note that the service offer may be different to the usual offer, however all customers will be supported to increase exercise and activity for 12 weeks.

This may be by one to one telephone support, home based exercise plans, online exercise, referrals to other activities such as Walking for Health or leisure centre based activity.

We will be taking new referrals on a district by district basis. Measures will be in place to ensure the safety and wellbeing of staff and public.

Walk Derbyshire

Walking is a great way to get some additional exercise into your daily routine.

Walk Derbyshire provides information and support for people across Derbyshire to get out and walk right from their doorstep - so why not find a walk close to you?

Visit Walk Derbyshire to find walks near to you.

Strictly No Falling

Strictly No Falling is an exercise programme designed to increase mobility and reduce your risk of falls.

Find out more about exercise and physical activity at Age UK.

Jog Derbyshire

Jog Derbyshire is a network of friendly, social jogging groups covering the whole of Derbyshire.

The groups cater for everyone – regardless of age or ability – so even if you’re a complete beginner you are sure of a warm welcome.

Find a jog group near you at Jog Derbyshire.

Active Derbyshire

Active Derbyshire aims to get people taking part in sports and activities across Derbyshire. It offers a comprehensive database of sports clubs and groups for you to search.

Search for activities and clubs at Active Derbyshire.