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Sometimes thoughts and feelings about weight can start taking over your life and affect your health and wellbeing.

This may mean that you can't stop thinking about food, weight and body shape.

Or you may develop an unrealistic or distorted view of yourself and the size that you actually are.

Some of the other signs of that you might be experiencing issues around food or eating include:

  • trying to severely reduce what you eat in ways not advised by health professionals
  • binge eating - when you eat a lot more than normal within a short space of time, usually very quickly, until you are uncomfortably full. This might happen when you're happy, sad, or stressed rather than physically hungry. You might feel out of control during a binge and feel guilty, upset or ashamed afterwards
  • making yourself sick or misusing medications to try to reduce weight gain
  • doing too much exercise in ways not advised by health professionals

These ways of coping can be harmful to your health and wellbeing and can be signs of an eating disorder.

Eating disorders are group of psychological problems affecting about 1.25 million people in the UK.

Eating disorder services specialise in helping people to understand and overcome their difficult thoughts and feelings about food and weight.

How to get help

If you're already on our weight management programme and are affected by any of the issues above then please get in touch.

You can call us on 0800 085 2299 or email

We'll be able to talk you through your options and provide help around specialist support if we feel that you might need it.

There are also several Derbyshire support services who can offer support and guidance if you, or someone you know, has issues around eating.

Freed Beeches Eating Disorders Service

Freed Beeches offers free counselling, psychological therapy and dietician support for people with eating problems.

You can refer yourself online or tel: 01909 479922

First Steps ED charity

First Steps offers counselling, other therapies and befriending programmes for people with eating problems and their loved ones.

There maybe a charge for some services but you can state on the referral form that you would like their no cost services.

You can fill out a referral form or tel: 01332 367 571.

NHS talking therapy

Talking therapies offer support with low mood, anxiety, or self-esteem difficulties generally and related to eating problems.

You can refer yourself to any of Derbyshire’s free Psychological Therapies services by filling out a form online or calling them:

Your GP

You can make an appointment with your GP to discuss any difficulties you may be experiencing with eating. They can refer you to specialist NHS services if needed.

Derbyshire Healthcare Foundation Trust Mental Health Support Line

Derbyshire Mental Health Support Line offers round-the-clock help and advice from trained professionals for rapid support with your mental health.

You can call the freephone helpline tel: 0800 028 0077 at any time.

BEAT Eating Disorders Charity

BEAT offers self-help information, a web chat and a helpline.

Call the helpline tel: 0808 801 0677 between 9am and midnight on weekdays and 4pm and midnight at weekends.