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Some people worry that they will gain weight if they quit smoking.

Smoking suppresses your appetite so some people also find that when they stop smoking their appetite increases.

Smoking cigarettes effects your metabolism. So when you stop smoking you might find that your weight increases or readjusts to your normal body weight.

If you find you start to put on too much, you may wish to increase your activity levels to combat this.

Once you stop smoking you’ll feel fitter, have more energy and even breathe easier - so why not take up a new sport or activity?

Try a brisk walk each day, get off the bus a stop earlier and always walk up the stairs instead of using the lift.

Gardening, swimming, hill walks - the choice is endless.

Active Derbyshire can help you to find new sports and activities in your area.

Watch what you eat

After you quit smoking, food will taste and smell better so you may be tempted to eat more. Try not to substitute food for smoking.

Try low sugar, low fat nibbles if you do get the urge to snack. Why not keep some chopped raw vegetable sticks and fruit in the fridge.

Avoid sweets, crisps and other high fat, high sugar snacks. Make cereals and grains, fruit and vegetables and salads a regular part of your meals.

Also use semi-skimmed or skimmed milk and avoid hidden fats by not filling up on biscuits, cakes and crisps.

Do what you can to avoid weight gain but accept that you may still put on a few kilos. If you do gain weight, don’t pick up a cigarette.

You can’t continue to smoke and stay healthy - so don’t put off stopping smoking till a later date.

Don’t give up if your weight goes up a little - make stopping smoking your number one priority.

The health hazards of carrying on smoking - heart and lung disease, cancer– are far more dangerous than gaining a few kilos.

Live Life Better Derbyshire also delivers a weight management programme. If you are interested in taking part then tel: 0800 085 2299 to find out more.

There’s lots of ways to plan for a successful long term quit without gaining weight.