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From feeling written off to a new lease of life - one Calow woman has seen her health, and outlook, turn around thanks to our Live Life Better Derbyshire support.

Jan Warsop, aged 62, started our Live Life Better Derbyshire weight management programme in January 2022 and has lost nearly four and a half stone.

Jan, a Volunteer Team Leader for Chesterfield Canal Trust, has been amazed at the changes she’s seen since starting with us.

“I have so much more energy and I can do so much more than I did before. I was having serious problems with my knee and genuinely thought I needed a knee replacement but now, although I still get some slight discomfort, I would struggle to describe it as pain.

“This is despite the fact that I am walking significantly further than I could ever have imagined possible a year ago.”

Jan found herself unlocking a whole new way of thinking that has helped her on an incredible journey to a healthier version of herself.

She said: “I am surprised that I had this capability in me. I felt I had been written off. What I didn't appreciate was that I had the ability to help myself. I just needed to unlock the mindset that would make the difference.

“I am currently doing a sponsored challenge for charity which requires me to walk 15,000 steps a day which is around 6.5 miles.

“I thought it would cripple me, but I am achieving it ok, I won't say it is easy, but we all need to keep pushing ourselves to achieve a little more.”

As well as increasing the amount of exercise she does, Jan also made other changes that have helped with her weight loss.

They included proper portion control and the importance of a balanced diet - something that can be hard to get to grips with.

“One of the best things I did was to swap to a smaller plate. I can pile a small plate up with healthy vegetables and visually it has the effect of making me feel I am having a good portion of food.

“One of my biggest discoveries has been how important protein is in sustaining us. I have dieted so often before but if I get hungry, I fail.

“Now, rather than reaching for a piece of fruit or a low calorie cereal bar I always have a stock of hard boiled eggs in my fridge and even have a tiny pot I can take one with me when I am out and about.”

Jan is keen that other people grab the opportunity to get healthier. “I want everyone to get the new lease of life that I have been given.

“It requires some commitment - and you need to get your mind in the right place to do it.

“There will be times that you falter and times when all your efforts do not seem to be getting you anywhere but just keep the end goal in sight and keep at it. Don't beat yourself up about what you did wrong yesterday, learn from it and do it better today.

“We can all make excuses but looking after our health is something we all need to create time for.

“The time spent on putting things right now will be paid back tenfold as you will have more energy and get far more done as your health improves.”