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Glossop woman Alison Jones decided the time was right to make some healthy changes and joined our weight management service in July.

Since then she’s started to see - and feel - the benefits.

Alison, aged 57, said:

“I feel so much better when carrying out day to day activities, and I am starting to see a difference in how my clothes fit.”

Alison is delighted with the support from our advisors, has picked up some practical tips around healthy eating and is learning a new way of looking at what she eats.

“I’ve learnt how to swop foods for healthier options, looking food labels, eating more fruit and vegetables and reducing my carbohydrate intake.

“It’s all about changing your eating habits - you can still have treats (as you see them) just swop for alternatives or have in smaller amounts.”

Live Life Better Derbyshire isn’t about restricting what you eat but about making long term, lasting changes to your relationship with food and what you eat.

You can then take what you learn and use it to make informed, healthier decisions when shopping, dining out and eating at home.

Alison said:

“Listening in the classes I found out how certain food have much higher fat, sugar and calories than I had imagined.

“I learnt how I can replace certain foods with other healthier options without missing them, and it really makes you think whether some foods are actually worth eating when they contain so much sugar and fat!”

Our free, 12-week weight management support package includes support from a dedicated health improvement advisor, weekly face to face or email support as well as an online Facebook group.

Alison added:

“If you are in need of help and want support, and feel that this is your time, then just do it.

“The help is great and the weekly classes are great motivation too. It has really made me re-think what I eat.

“Thank you for offering these free classes, they are so beneficial and hope they will continue to help others make small improvements to their own health and lifestyles.”

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