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Ilkeston ex-smoker Dawn Patterson is delighted with the stop smoking support she’s received from us.

Dawn, aged 58, started our stop smoking support service in August 2023 after her GP suggested it.

She has now been smoke free for 30 weeks and is feeling the benefits

Dawn said:

“I am breathing better, I feel better in myself and I don’t smell like an ashtray now.

“The support has been amazing from my advisor and the online Facebook support group has been extremely helpful too.

“The stop smoking service has helped me to change my habits and I am sleeping better as well as saving money.”

Live Life Better Derbyshire’s 12 week stop smoking service offers access to free nicotine replacement therapy including patches, mouth spray, gum, inhalators and lozenges

We have also started offering free vape starter kits and a 12-week supply of e-liquid to clients aged 18 and over.

Dawn added:

“I had heard good things about the support you provide, and it is good that I could have support over the phone or face to face.

“My adviser Mandy was excellent at her support and knowledge and guidance.”

Dawn is now planning to take part in our weight management service too.

She added:

“My advice would be - give this support a try, you won’t be disappointed and a big thank you to the team!”