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Welcome to Live Life Better Derbyshire. If you want help and support to stop smoking, lose weight, become more active, or improve your diet or overall wellbeing, we can help you to make the changes needed to improve the way you feel now and in the future.

All our friendly staff are fully trained and know how difficult it can be to make changes to the habits of a lifetime, many of them will have made these changes themselves.

Best of all the help we provide is free. Why not find out more?

Would you like to…

Lose weight?

Stop smoking?

Get active?

Improve your wellbeing?


You can refer yourself to receive support to lose weight or stop smoking.

If you're a professional you can refer your clients to any of the four services.

Get Active!

October 03 2015

Finding ways to increase your activity can be harder as the nights draw in. Why not explore ways to get active or see our helpful tools for further ideas and information.

Dry this January?

January 01 2016

Why not continue your great healthy start by using one of our services to lose weight, stop smoking or feel good about yourself.

Trish's amazing weight loss story.

September 23 2015

Looking at 42-year-old Trish Maher these days it is hard to believe how she has turned her life around, with help from our LiveLife Better Derbyshire (LLBD) specialist weight management team. Over the past three years she has shed half her body weight.