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Weight loss is a family affair for Tideswell couple Helena and her husband.

Together they have just over two and a half stone between them during the 12 week Live Life Better Derbyshire programme.

She joined the free weight management programme with her husband Alan in September 2018.

She said:

“We wanted to join as a family. I have two children who are still at home aged eight and 12 and I wanted to be able to keep up with them!

“I am also a cub leader and they are very energetic. I wanted to be taking part, not just on the side lines watching.”

Helena, age 47, has lost over a stone and a half since starting the programme.

But that’s just the start, Live Life Better is designed to be a complete lifestyle change, not a short term weight loss plan and it’s not just about the numbers on the scales.

Helena said:

“Before I used to trudge up the stairs using a hand rail, now I can run up them - it’s the little, day to day changes that make the difference.

“My whole mood has lifted and now I feel more positive about everything. “I’ve had a bad back for years and now it’s feeling a lot better - in fact I have less aches and pains in general. It even makes getting out of bed in the morning easier.”

The free 12 week support programme offers a wide range of advice and support on different topics. As it’s a rolling programme you don’t have to wait for a start date.

Helena says:

“Trudie our advisor is fantastic, she’s so enthusiastic and positive.

“Also, she came across as just a normal person – not at all intimidating – she even admitted that her vice is chocolate!

“During our first session we were invited to arrive early and have a private weigh in. “In fact all weigh-ins are completely confidential and they are very discreet.

“There’s no competitive element - other slimming clubs tend to have an element of ‘it’s a contest’ but I don’t like that.”

Live Life Better is not about banning foods or complicated calculations, it simply offers straight forward advice about balanced diets and healthy food.

It also teaches achievable, long term solutions to weight management. Helena said: “We learnt to look at the long term picture and not just about how much weight you are losing.

“For instance I learnt that if I cut out just one coffee a day that's 200 calories - but it adds up to over a stone in a year.

“It's the tiny little changes each day that add up to big changes over time. You’re almost losing weight before you even think about it.”

“There nothing I can‘t have - it's just knowing what a healthy balance looks like. We still take the children for the occasional McDonalds, just not every week!

“Live Life Better even managed to get us through Christmas! We stashed a bag of goodies at my friend's house and only bought them home on the actual day.

“That way Christmas food was eaten on the day it was meant to be - instead of starting on it in November!”

Helena says that anyone thinking about losing weight should consider Live Life Better Derbyshire,

“Just give it a try. It's free, you make friends and gain lots of health benefits - there really is no negative to it at all!”