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A Derbyshire PR professional says a combination of dedicated support and putting on her running shoes has given her the skills to kick her smoking habit for good.

Jinny McDonald-Matthews, aged 59, has smoked since she was 19 and has tried to stop several times in the past.

Jinny, from Shirley, said: “I have smoked for 40 years on and off. But as I am getting older I was getting concerned for my health and didn’t like all the wrinkles that smoking was giving me.

“I’ve quit three or four times over the last 20 years but family illnesses and other triggers have always caused me to start again.

“I’ve tried going cold turkey with no lasting success so when my health practice nurse recommended trying Live Life Better Derbyshire combined with Champix I signed up with enthusiasm as I knew it had worked for friends.”

Champix is a stop smoking medication that is only available on prescription from a GP and can help control nicotine cravings. It is one of several treatments available to clients on a Live Life Better stop smoking programme.

Jinny joined the stop smoking service in April this year and took part in one to one sessions in Ashbourne meeting with dedicated advisors.

They give advice on everything from how to beat cravings and avoid temptation to discussing stop smoking treatments including nicotine replacement therapy and prescription only medications.

Jinny said: “They warned me of the pitfalls such as when I might feel tempted or the triggers that could make me want to smoke and they also celebrated the milestones with me.

“At the same time as joining the stop smoking service I decided to get fitter.

“The combination of the thoughtful and supportive expertise from the Live Life Better team – and putting on running shoes instead of lighting up – has worked for me.”

Four months on and the health benefits of quitting for good are clear. Jinny says: “Now I sleep better, I have stopped coughing, my complexion and breath are much fresher.

“In July 2018 I took part in the Race for Life 5km to raise money for Cancer Research and I completed it faster than hundreds of younger people.

“I would definitely recommend Live Life Better to anyone who has struggled to give up smoking – do it now.”