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Jayne Coopersmith, from Buxton, says that losing weight with Live Life Better Derbyshire has changed her life.

She’s lost an incredible five stone so far and says learning about the long term health impacts of being overweight has really motivated her to achieve her amazing weight loss.

Jayne, aged 56, said:

“I have lost 70lbs and my blood pressure has come down - I may even be able to stop taking my tablets if it continues to come down.

“Also my cholesterol reading has gone down from six to four and all my annual blood tests were good.”

Live Life Better Derbyshire’s free, 12 week, weight management course offers lots of practical help and support around balanced diets

It’s not about quick fix diets, points or lists of banned foods. Instead it looks at why people eat, gives information about emotional eating triggers and offers long term solutions on how to keep weight off for good.

Jayne said:

“I have tried every diet and diet club there is, but nothing has worked as well as actually learning what you are doing to your body and talking about how you feel when you are overeating.”

“The information we were given – showing how being overweight and eating unhealthily actually effect your body – really sunk in and changed my way of thinking and eating.

“The lesson on exercise and how it can help your body, made me realise I had to just get out there and do it.

“I have joined the gym and every time I think I can’t do something, I think about how pushing myself helps to get your metabolism going.”

Jayne is a firm believer than anyone wanting to make a change should get in touch and see how the team can help.

“Anyone thinking of trying Live Life Better should give it a go - and stick to it - as it really helps you to see the benefits of eating healthily and exercise.

“I have received lots of support from my health advisor Vicki and other members there.

“Since starting with Live Life Better Derbyshire it really has changed my life!”