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The coronavirus pandemic has impacted on all of us and our health and wellbeing has taken a battering too.

Jayne, a social worker from Matlock, found that long days behind a computer were starting to take their toll on her health.

So she started taking part in our Live Life Better Derbyshire online exercise sessions in March 2021.
She said: “I’ve been behind my computer all day, hardly moving all day since the pandemic and I had put on weight and developed unhealthy eating habits.

“I feel during the pandemic there has been a massive increase in stress levels, more of your day is spent sat at the computer, and you feel much more tired due to workload and stress.

“This all impacted on my mental health and lead to me stress-eating and just working, eating and sleeping with no time for myself or away from the computer.”
Jayne now takes part in regular, free online exercise sessions including Pilates, yoga, HIIT, legs bums and tums.

Since starting she’s seen lots of improvements. She says: “My mental health has improved and my physical activity level has improved.  

“I’m eating more healthily and not stress-eating.  I have much more energy and am feeling great.”
The sessions are for any ability and any level of fitness, and people can tailor them to suit their own needs.

Jayne said: “I couldn’t believe how unfit I was at the beginning!  I could hardly do any of the exercises properly but because I was on my own in my dining room and no one could see me I just did what I could and didn’t care what I looked like!  

“Thankfully I have never accidentally turned my camera on although I have become accidentally unmuted during one class where everyone could hear my music that I was playing to exercise along to!”

Jayne’s made quite a few changes since starting with us.

She says she’s no longer stress eating during the workday, is watching what she’s eating and making healthier choices.  

She’s also buying healthier food, doing much more exercise and reduced her portion sizes.
She adds: “All of the instructors have been great.  Nick has been exceptional and his classes have been enjoyable and fun.

“If anyone is thinking about taking part I would say just go for it – it’s online and no one can see you!

“These classes have literally saved me!  

“I am now much happier, healthier and better able to continue my job to the best of my ability without having to take time off sick with work-related stress which is where I feel that I was heading.”