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Two Derbyshire residents determined to change their lifestyles have been recognised for their hard work and dedication.

Dorothy Davies and Clinton Phillips joined Derbyshire County Council’s Live Life Better Derbyshire healthy lifestyles service to lose weight and feel fitter.

As a result of their remarkable achievements they’ve just become Active Bolsover award winners.

The Active Bolsover District Awards aim to showcase the impact that physical activity and sport have on local communities and individuals as well as recognising and rewarding the top local sportsmen, women, volunteers and clubs from across Bolsover District.

Dorothy, aged 65, lost nearly 4 stone and Clinton, 54, has lost 11 stone after attending Live Life Better Derbyshire’s community weight loss.

Dorothy from Whitwell said: “The main reason I started was I felt out of shape and sluggish, my clothes were too tight and my blood pressure had started to rise.

“I didn’t want to go down the same slimming club route as I have done that before and it hadn’t worked.

“I turned 65 last Christmas so I wanted to go into older age as fit as possible and Live Life Better has helped me do this.”

Dorothy found the service online, took part in the online health MOT and started the weight management sessions in January 2019. She also joined the physical activity sessions that Live Life Better Derbyshire now offers.

Dorothy now completes around 56 miles per week averaging between 11,000 and 20,000 steps a day to keep on track.

During her time with the service she has lost an incredible 4 stone and says there’s lots of health benefits too.

She says: “I used to suffer from painful arthritis in my feet and knees and was on medication for it but losing the weight has really helped.

“I’ve more stamina, more vitality and I have a more positive outlook too - it has really uplifted me.”

As well as increasing her exercise, Dorothy has also changed her portion sizes and is eating fewer ready meals and convenience foods.

“Living alone I had got out of the habit of cooking properly. I had to rethink how to look after myself.

“I started batch freezing healthy meals and cutting out snacks. Now a year later I do not miss those old habits.

“I would recommend Live Life Better. It’s free and I even saved up for a Fitbit using the money I would have spent on fees at other groups.

“I have always struggled with my weight but I kept on seeing the same faces year in year out at slimming groups so it obviously wasn’t working for them or me.

“But this is a healthy lifestyle change and they offer ongoing support which is so important.”

Clinton Phillips, aged 54, started with us 18 months ago and has lost a staggering 11 stone through a combination of healthy eating changes and lots of exercise.

Clinton said: “I want to set a good example to my family and avoid health problems later in life.

“I have severe osteoarthritis in both knees and need to have them replaced. I was told to do physio but found I couldn’t do the exercises so I started swimming.

“I gradually built it up to two and a quarter miles swimming a day – I went from one extreme to the other.”

Clinton was then referred into Live Life Better by his doctor and started to learn about diets and healthy eating.

He said: “One of the best things I learnt was about the percentage of carbs, fats and other things that help to make up a balanced diet and I plan every meal around that.

“I have cut down on ready meals and everything I eat is now prepared from fresh. My wife has even lost two stone through my healthy cooking!”

Even though Clinton will still need knee replacements in the future, his health has improved leaps and bounds.

He has managed to reverse his Type 2 diabetes and is finding benefits in all situations.

“I have to have a lot of operations on my knees and now I fly through every pre-op. Previously I had high blood pressure and lots of other problems.

“I would advise anyone to join as it has changed my life.

“There is no two ways about it, my health has benefited massively – I have never felt better! I think it has added at least ten years onto my life.”