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Matlock couple Julie and Paul Jones have found out that slow and steady wins the race when it comes to weight loss.

The husband and wife duo, both aged 70, started with Live Life Better Derbyshire in May 2019.

Since then they’ve seen the weight steadily drop off week by week and have lost a combined total of nearly a stone in just 10 weeks.

Paul was experiencing some health problems and was told that he would benefit from losing some weight and Julie decided to come along too.

He said:

“I had been on a COPD rehab course at the hospital and they recommended that I went on a weight reduction course.

“Plus I was entering into the realms of becoming pre-diabetic – I’d read about the medication and I didn’t fancy it much!"

The couple started attending sessions together at the Arc leisure centre in Matlock.

Julie said:

“Vikki who runs the course is a lovely lady. The first time we went she made everyone feel at ease and welcome.

“She sets everything out, what the plan is, and makes it clear that if you want to lose weight quickly then this course is not for you.

“It’s a long term health plan, it’s about the slow losing of weight, not a quick fix like a faddy diet.”

Paul said:

“She also uses a lot of props which helps to get things over to you. One week she bought these fat blobs along that weighed different amounts - we’d never seen that before, they were like big pieces of tripe!”

Julie added:

“I got on the scales one week and had only lost a pound and I felt despondent but Vikki said ‘wait a minute, I’ve got something to show you!’

“She got the fat blobs out and it really brings it home to you how much a pound weighs, because you think it’s nothing.”

The pair will continue to attend weekly weight in sessions even after their 12 week programme has ended. Julie says:

“It’s a great incentive for us - it really works knowing that you will be weighed.

“You can be having a bad day and think I need sweets today - but knowing you’ll be weighed brings you back, it really is good.”

The couple have found it really beneficial to take part in Live Life Better together as they’re both aiming for the same goals and can work together to achieve them.

Making small adjustments to everyday life is the secret to long term success.

Julie says:

“It really starts in the supermarket, with what you’re putting in your shopping basket. We also plan more now as you need to give it more effort.”

Paul added:

“Even just reducing your portion size can help or making some changes in what we eat.

“We’ve swopped high fat cheese for lower fat ones like Edam, we have semi skimmed milk now and I only have a tiny bit of sugar in my tea.

“Really it’s just about the little things that you need to do to make the changes, it is only small changes.”

Both Julie and Paul are positive about the support they’ve received and feel ready to keep on putting in place the changes they have learnt.

Julie said:

“My advice is go for it, take part - it’ll make you feel better mentally and physically, you’ll lose weight and possibly may need a new wardrobe!”