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One Smalley resident is full of newfound confidence, and an unexpected love for exercise, as she credits our service for transforming her life.

 Jessica Collis, aged 29, is delighted after losing nearly three stone with our exercise and weight management service.

Jess started with Live Life Better Derbyshire in October following a referral by her GP in a bid to banish her sleeping problems.

 Jess said: “I have seen massive health benefits and I am feeling more active and confident. The weight loss and body shape change has been an absolute bonus too!”

We offer regular online exercise sessions for clients and our trained health improvement advisors offer different options depending on your fitness and health abilities.

Jess quickly found herself developing a new, and unexpected enjoyment of exercise.

She said: “The surprising element for me is how much I am actually enjoying exercising! This is now part of my daily routine and if I am not exercising with my advisor Nick then I will do YouTube videos or actually run. I never thought I’d see the day!”

Jess says that since starting with our free service she has changed the way she thinks about food.

She’s also learnt that its ok not to be perfect! She said: “It’s okay to have rest days, as long as you are giving 110% effort when you are doing the exercise and meal planning.

“My whole mind frame has changed in relation to fitness and food management and I couldn’t have done this without the help of the guys at Live Life Better Derbyshire.

“I can feel my confidence growing on a daily basis - as well as my fitness levels - and it’s crazy to think where I started and where I am now.

“It just does really go to show, that anybody can do it… if you put your mind to it.”

Jess is delighted with the friendly encouragement she gets from the team adding “I can’t thank them enough for transforming my life.

“The advisors have been incredible, so helpful and on hand to help with any questions or queries I have had throughout the process.

“No question is silly and you can tell they genuinely care about you and want you to succeed and become the best version of yourself.”

Jess is full of enthusiasm for the support she has received, and whole heartedly endorses the programme to anyone who might be wondering whether to give it a go or not.

 “Don’t think twice, this is the best thing I have done in a long time. It’s time to focus on you for once and take that time to see you transform and become that better version of yourself.

It doesn’t happen overnight, but with persistence and focus anyone can do it! You will never look back… I promise!”