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New mum Kim has got into the swing of online exercising – even getting baby in on the action!

Kim Hildred, aged 30, from Chesterfield, joined Live Life Better Derbyshire’s weight management and physical activity service at the end of 2020.

Kim was referred into the service by the peri natal mental health team after feeling quite low after giving birth.

She says:

“I was very low and withdrawn - not looking forward to anything.

“Now my mental health is much better. After taking part in a few of the exercise classes I feel happier, healthier and looks forward to the sessions.

“Nick really makes me feel at ease and is understanding and accommodating such as when my baby has to join in!”

She’s seen improvements in how mobile she is, as well as being shocked at how much she’s enjoying getting active.

Kim said:

“I was surprised with how much I look forward to the exercise classes and feeling better about exercising in general.

“The programme has taught me it’s not about immediate changes or drastic weight loss, it’s about making healthier choices and these becoming long term habits.”

Kim says a lot has changed in her life since starting with us including her eating choices, portion sizes and understanding when she’s full or just thirsty not hungry.

“Everyone has been very understanding and Nick helps me adapt exercises when I have to have my baby in my arms and puts me at ease with it.

“The advisors have all been wonderful, friendly and understanding.”

Kim is keen for other people to take part in the programme and welcomes the different approach that Live Life Better takes to weight loss and exercise.

“Honestly I was so reluctant to begin with. I thought ‘it’s just going to be the same old stuff as every other diet programme’ but it’s not.

“Everyone is understanding don’t focus on “weight loss” but rather being a healthier and happier version of you.

“I can’t stress enough the benefit this programme has had on my mental health. I was feeling so low and down, isolated and alone.

“In doing this programme I feel less alone, supported and encouraged. It’s helped me be a better mother and partner.”