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Busy mum of 5 Jenny Francis is planning her dream wedding thanks to the huge savings she’s made by quitting smoking with Live Life Better Derbyshire.

Jenny, aged 33 from Whittington Moor, has already saved nearly £2,000 since quitting in February this year.

She and her partner are now putting the money they used to fund their habit into planning their wedding in August.

Jenny joined the Live Life Better Derbyshire stop smoking service in February 2019 and successfully quit thanks to dedicated telephone support.

Jenny said:

“My GP advised that I stop smoking due to a health condition so I got in touch, started on Champix and never looked back.

“I used to have lots of headaches as I have Acute Zonal Occult Outer Retinopathy and a few weeks after quitting, they had stopped.

“I’m also less breathless plus doing the school run and climbing up stairs is so much easier now.”

As well as the health benefits that quitting has provided, the biggest change to Jenny’s life has been financial.

She, and her husband-to-be Robert, were both heavy smokers, getting through around £150 a week of cigarettes.

Now that money is going towards their wedding in August. Jenny said:

“My gran’s wish is to see me getting married and we’ve been putting all the money we would have spent on smoking to one side.

“In the 12 weeks since quitting we’ve saved around £1,800 that would have just been literally burnt away.”

In the first month alone Jenny saved enough for her wedding dress. She also has a handful of very good little reasons for wanting to quit.

The couple have 5 children aged between one and 8 and want to be good role models for them.

She said:

“When you have kids they pick up on your habits.

“A while ago one of the children picked up a straw and pretended to smoke and I said don’t do that - but if I am chastising my child and then going out to smoke then something has to change.

“Now we can afford days out at the seaside – we’ve even bought a hot tub. There’s all these benefits from just not smoking - we can see where our money is going now!”

Jenny is adamant that anyone thinking of trying to quit should get in touch with Live Life Better Derbyshire.

She says:

“If you are not sure, try it, you will be surprised at how easy it is.

“You can dip back into the support even after you’ve successfully quit – I know that my advisor is there whether its two weeks or two years on. It’s great knowing you are not on your own.”