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Ilkeston man Ian Lacey needed to change the habits of a lifetime in order to continue enjoying life and, thanks to Live Life Better, he’s had a second chance to get it right.

Ian, aged 48, was referred onto the service due to having a variety of weight related health problems including being borderline type 2 diabetic.

Ian said:

“My nurse almost frightened me to death - she said ‘At your age you should have another good 40 years of health in you’ - but then she just shook her head at me!”

He started with Live Life Better Derbyshire in July and within 12 weeks had lost nearly two and a half stone.

He’s also gone down two trouser sizes.

Ian says:

“At the first session I met Trudie, my weight management advisor, she weighed me and I was 22 stone.

“She told me what to expect from the course – that there were 12 sessions and that we’d be covering different topics each time. These included portion control, types of food, causes of weight gain and good and bad foods.”

Live Life Better Derbyshire isn’t about restrictive diets or banning food. The advisors provide all the information you need to change your habits permanently.

Ian said:

“There is no diet, you are given all the information you need and then it’s up to you how to use it.

“You use the advice to control your portion size sizes and the food that you chose to eat, what to buy and how to read food labels.”

Ian is the first to admit that his previous habits were not always the healthiest that they could be.

He said:

“I was eating the wrong things and not exercising enough. I lead a typical sedentary lifestyle

“Now I have literally changed everything that I eat – I stopped having takeaways, no more cream cakes, pies and pastries. Now I try to eat healthier.”

Now he’s starting to see, and feel, the benefits of his new healthier lifestyle.

“I feel a heck of a lot better – I am not out of breath nearly as much at work.

“I work in the building supply trade so there’s a lot of heavy lifting and that was affecting my ability to do my job.

“I also do a lot of walking now. I don’t go to the gym as it doesn’t fit in with the hours I work but I am making everyday changes such as leaving the car at home and walking places instead.”

The support that people receive from advisors is key to keeping you on track and Ian was no exception.

He says:

“I live alone and it can be hard to keep motivated. But even though I’ve come to the end of my 12 weeks I can still go back and be weighed.

“Trudie, my advisor, is very upfront and positive. She is not negative at all and you feel motivated just by talking to her.

“I’d say give it a go - you’ve got nothing to lose except the weight!”