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Former bank worker Eileen Pickles is adding up the benefits of our Live Life Better Derbyshire weight management service.

Eileen, aged 68 from Glossop, has lost nearly four stone as part of our free, 12 week service and is loving life. She says:

“I have been on diets all my life and I’ve tried all of the slimming programmes and clubs and none of them worked but this is different.

“It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change and I don’t miss the old ways. It about giving you the information and knowledge to make the changes that you need to make.

“The support is absolutely amazing. My advisor Vikki explained everything – she would do anything for you.”

Eileen, who worked for 40 years in a bank, has not only gone from 16 stone 7 to less than 12 stone but has also reduced her blood sugar levels which were so high they put her in danger of developing diabetes.

When Eileen started the course she was a size 22 and was not able to bend down to tie up her shoes.

Now she’s down to a size 14 to 16 and is enjoying a new lease of life with regular exercise and a healthier, balanced diet. She said:

“People tell me that I don’t need to lose any more weight, but it’s not about the weight loss – it’s about feeling better and keeping off medication

“I’m enjoying life and I try to get out and walk three times a week on average – my husband and I both love walking now.”

Life Live Better Derbyshire weight management sessions offer people a wide range of information from portion control and balanced diet information to discussions around diabetes, carbohydrates and the importance of exercise.

Advisors offer practical advice on making small changes to daily habits that all add up to big differences. Eileen said:

“At the beginning of each session we are weighed but no-one else knows what the result is. It is confidential and you are not made to feel bad if you have put on weight.

“Food wise there is nothing that I can’t have. I can have what I want but it’s all about moderation.

“I’ve learnt how to shop and cook differently and it’s really not a hardship, it’s about taking the knowledge we’ve learnt and applying it to everyday life.”

Eileen started with the service in May 2018 and has lost 18% of her body weight in the six months since.

She is enthusiastically spreading the word about the Live Life Better Derbyshire service to friends and family.

“I am really delighted with the help and support I have received – I just wish I had found this service years ago.

“Live Life Better has given me so much – it is invaluable. If it wasn’t for this service I am not sure what would have happened – it has given me my life back.”