Healthy, simple and tasty

If you’re after some simple, tasty and healthy meal ideas then why not take a look at some of our Portion Size Wise recipes.

Research shows that people who cook at home eat fewer calories and generally have a better quality diet than people who regularly eat takeaways or ready meals.

Families eating together are more likely to eat smaller portions and consume fewer calories, less fat, less salt and less sugar.

We’e teamed up with one of our Heart of Derbyshire adult education tutors to put together five healthy, quick and simple recipes for you to try.

Whether you fancy a quick snackfilling curry or a light lunch, you’ll find some tempting ideas here.

Get inspired with our short video clips and then give them a go yourself by downloading the full recipes below.

Tuna fish cakes


Spicy veggies and rice noodles

Sweet Potato Curry

Tortilla Chips and Salsa

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