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How smoking affects your body – the facts

According to NHS England figures, smoking cigarettes is easily the largest cause of preventable deaths with 80,000 people dying unnecessarily each year simply because they smoke.

However, if you stop

How to… manage a household budget

If you feel like your household expenditure is getting a little out of control and unpredictable, perhaps it’s time to start thinking about creating a monthly household budget – and

7 tips for stress-free household budgeting

In theory, managing your household expenses is simply about – over a year – spending a little less than you earn. Of course, in practice, keeping your budgets balanced isn’t

How to switch your energy supplier

We’re all continuously looking for ways to shave a few pounds off our living expenses. One of the easiest ways to do this is to change the companies who you

Homelessness: the facts

‘Homelessness’ might be a term we think we understand, but being ‘on the streets’ is a more complex issue than many may at first suppose.

Not everyone who is classed

Top 20 winter tips (for older people)

As winter approaches and the weather becomes decidedly colder, certain members of our communities can be at risk, particularly those in later life.

Older people’s bodies respond to cold weather

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