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How to… manage a household budget

If you feel like your household expenditure is getting a little out of control and unpredictable, perhaps it’s time to start thinking about creating a monthly household budget – and

How smoking affects your body – the facts

According to NHS England figures, smoking cigarettes is easily the largest cause of preventable deaths with 80,000 people dying unnecessarily each year simply because they smoke.

However, if you stop

6 instant benefits of quitting smoking

Many people are extremely anxious about giving up smoking, especially if they’ve been a smoker for many years and smoking has become a big part of their life. But once

Finding help and support for depression

As society has become more used to the idea of depression being a real illness that can be treated like any other, the range of support and help that people

Diagnosing and treating depression

If you start to experience the typical symptoms of depression (find them here), or you suspect that a friend or family member might be showing the signs that something

10 tips to stay in control of your mortgage

Getting into trouble on your mortgage repayments can be a scary proposition. Ultimately, of course, you may be in danger of losing your home. But the goods news is, in

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