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Eating well when older

As a society we’re slowly becoming more aware of the dangers of obesity and the need to manage our weight to keep fit and healthy, but for older people we

Whizz up a culinary masterpiece at home

Fancy cooking healthy food from scratch but worried that you’re not a gourmet chef? Fear not, creating nutritious, tasty meals at home needn’t be a terrifying prospect.

Research shows that

Getting the balance

Eating healthily can help us feel good and make a real difference to our future health.

To make sure you’ve got the most up-to-date information about healthy eating a new

Start the day right

You might have heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day -but is this true?

Breakfast’s certainly important; its literal meaning is to ‘break the fast’ and

Why you should take a break from alcohol

Do you drink alcohol every day? Perhaps it’s time to rethink that next glass of wine..

Medical experts are now suggesting that it’s important to take a break for a

Alcohol and your brain: what’s the damage?


We all know that even moderate drinking leads to instant, short-term problems with our brains, that’s why our drink driving rules are so strict. Given just a couple of

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