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Improve your wellbeing

You must be referred by your GP or an agency/group involved in your care. Please contact us for further information. 

At Live Life Better Derbyshire our wellbeing service offers free 1:1, confidential support across a range of areas to help improve your overall health and wellbeing. ‘Wellbeing’ means feeling happy, healthy and content in life. Our wellbeing can be affected by; our physical and mental health, the people around us, the place that we live, the money that we have and how we spend our time.

Our Wellbeing Workers can help you to identify and prioritise changes you might want to make to improve your overall health and wellbeing. They can support you to access specialist services and community groups in your local area to help you move forwards with these changes.

What we offer

The Wellbeing Workers are based in various settings in and around the communities of Derbyshire. They offer lots of support to help inform, motivate and empower you to:

  • Overcome barriers and enjoy new activities
  • Access specialist support to stop smoking and manage alcohol
  • Gain confidence and feel good about yourself
  • Access specialist services/ community groups (via buddying if necessary)
  • Address issues around stress and anxiety, isolation, debt, housing, education,
  • Improve physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.
  • Eat well – plan, shop and cook on a budget
  • Move more – try new things and exercise more

Who can attend?

To access this free 1:1 support you must:

  • Be over 16 years old and live in Derbyshire County (excluding Derby city).
  • Benefit from additional support to access services and to make positive healthy lifestyle changes.

How do I join?

You need to be referred by your GP or an agency/ group involved in your care. Let them know you’re interested, take them this referral form to complete, or contact us for further information.

Diane was referred to the wellbeing service by her local housing association and says it’s turned her life around. She says:

"I feel a 1000 times better as a result of working with the Wellbeing Worker – my depression is lifting, I’ve been doing more around the house and I’ve even been on holiday with my carer.”

This page was last updated on: Monday 21st March 2016