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Lose weight

Below you'll find some helpful tools to help you on your journey to losing weight.

Useful websites to explore

Visit website for Active Derbyshire

Active Derbyshire

Meet people from Derbyshire who love to get active. Be inspired, get involved and have some fun!

Visit website for Be Portion Size Wise

Be Portion Size Wise

Get simple tips and help on practicing portion control, balanced diets and more with Derbyshire County Council’s Be Portion Size Wise campaign. You can also sign up to the two week portion control challenge.

Visit website for British Heart Foundation

British Heart Foundation

The British Heart Foundation. Lots of information about healthy eating and exercise. Free booklets about healthy eating available.


Download file for About Live Life Better Derbyshire

About Live Life Better Derbyshire

Information about your FREE Health and Wellbeing Service: Live Life Better Derbyshire

Download file for Binge Eating

Binge Eating

Binge eating basically means rapidly eating a large amount of food in a short amount of time, accompanied by feeling loss of control over what or how much is eaten.

Download file for Changing Patterns

Changing Patterns

How do our eating habits develop?

Download file for Emotional Eating

Emotional Eating

Our eating habits can often be linked to our emotions, whether we’re feeling happy, sad or angry, we can all turn to food for comfort and satisfaction.

Download file for Exercise Diary

Exercise Diary

If some exercise and activity are part of your plan, you can use this log sheet to keep a note of the types of exercise you have done and the progress you are making.

Download file for Finding Happiness

Finding Happiness

As well as having a big impact on your physical health, losing weight can make a real difference to your mental health and wellbeing.

Download file for Food Diary

Food Diary

There are plenty of good reasons to keep a note of what you eat each day. It should help you to notice any patterns in when you’re eating and why you reach for certain foods, and it also helps you to create a plan to break any bad habits you pick up on.

Download file for Goal Tracker

Goal Tracker

One of the most effective ways to help you on your journey is to keep in mind your thoughts about why you want to lose weight and how you want your life to be.

Download file for Mastering Your Thoughts

Mastering Your Thoughts

Thoughts automatically pop into our minds as a result of our previous experiences, learning and general knowledge. These thoughts can sometimes be inaccurate and leave us feeling unhappy and in a negative mindset.

Download file for Mindful Eating

Mindful Eating

By learning to eat mindfully you can begin to really savour and appreciate the joy of eating, and also learn to eat less in the process, helping you to lose weight more easily and quickly.

Download file for Relaxation and Stress Release

Relaxation and Stress Release

Stress describes how it feels when we don’t have the resources to cope with the demands our life is placing on us; stress can lead to us feeling overwhelmed and physically and mentally on edge.

Download file for The Eatwell Plate

The Eatwell Plate

A balanced diet is important for good health. It can help you to manage your weight and increase your wellbeing, whilst also reducing the risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes and some cancers.

Download file for The Hunger Scale

The Hunger Scale

Hunger is a completely natural sensation and not something to be feared. The Hunger Scale we’ve created for you to use is a way to describe your level of hunger and help you to recognise when the best times to start and stop eating occur during your day.

Download file for Your Body

Your Body

Our body image is the picture we all hold of ourselves in our own mind. Sometimes our body image can make us feel self conscious and unhappy about how we look and appear, especially in front of other people.

Information Sheets

Download file for Dealing With Setbacks

Dealing With Setbacks

Six Tips To Minimise The Slips When you’re trying to lose weight it can be easy to slip back into old, familiar habits and then struggle to get back on track, but having some tips to refer to can make it that little bit simpler to get back to where you want to be.

Download file for Programme Overview

Programme Overview

An overview of all of the services that we offer.

Download file for Survival Guide for Special Occassions

Survival Guide for Special Occassions

Going out to special occasions whether it’s for a birthday, wedding or party can cause people to feel anxious and worry about how they will manage their eating. However help is at hand, have a look at our survival guide to managing special occasions because following a few simple tips can make going to that special event the enjoyable activity it is intended to be.

Download file for Survival Guide to Christmas

Survival Guide to Christmas

Be prepared that Christmas will be a challenge. It’s the time of year that there seems to be more unhealthy food options about, more social occasions to go to and gifts of chocolates and sweets. However with some planning, some thought, and staying focussed on your goals doesn’t mean that Christmas = weight gain. Have a look at our tips that may help.

Download file for Survival Guide to Eating Out

Survival Guide to Eating Out

Eating out is typically avoided when people are trying to lose weight. Usually foods eaten out can be higher in fat, salt and calories, there is a tendency to over eat, and it can be difficult to know how to make healthy choices. However help is at hand, have a look at our survival guide to eating out, because following a few simple tips can make eating out the enjoyable activity it is intended to be.

Download file for Survival Guide to Holidays

Survival Guide to Holidays

Holidays…. Sun, sea, sand and weight gain. If this sounds familiar than have a look at our guide to surviving holidays. For most people going on holiday usually means that they will come home heavier than when they went. However going on holiday doesn’t automatically mean that you will gain weight, if you consider the choices you make about your eating and activity whilst away.

This page was last updated on: Tuesday 10th November 2015