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Get active

Getting more active is one of the best ways that people can improve their overall wellbeing and, whatever your starting point, Live Life Better Derbyshire has plenty of ideas and advice to help you get started.

You must be referred by your GP or an agency/group involved in your care. Please contact us for further information. 

Being active is about finding ways of exercising and moving around that you enjoy and can build into your daily routines. This could include exercise classes, going for a swim or getting on your bike. Alternatively, it might be something less structured like going for a longer or faster walk, doing your housework or gardening more vigorously or getting off the bus one stop earlier.

Take a look at our helpful tools to find more ideas about how to get active, how much activity you should be doing and the benefits this can bring.

What we offer

Live Life Better Derbyshire manages the referral process for adults across Derbyshire County who are referred by their GP for free activity sessions to help with a health condition - the Health Referral Scheme.

If this is for you, and you have high blood pressure, heart disease, joint or mobility problems and you can commit to attending a leisure centre for 12 weeks, we can help you find out what groups, support and classes are on offer in your area.

Live Life Better Derbyshire also supports adults who need to increase their activity to with weight loss and weight management.

Who can attend?

To access health referral you must:

  • Be over 16 years of age and be a resident in Derbyshire County (excluding Derby city).
  • Have one of the following health conditions:
    • high blood pressure
    • heart disease
    • joint or mobility problems
    • mild to moderate mental health conditions
    • diabetes
    • pulmonary disease

How do I join?

To access this service you need to contact your GP or Health Professional who will forward a completed referral form to us or take this referral form to your GP.

This page was last updated on: Thursday 11th February 2016